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Why is the bamboo container flooring the first choice

With the constant decrease of forest resources, bamboo as a renewable resource in a relatively short period of time can be widely used in daily life, and bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular. Here are the benefits of bamboo:

Bamboo flooring is made of bamboo. This kind of floor gets people’s like very much, because of the bamboo floor is non-toxic, do not chip. And it’s not easy to deformation or shape. On the other hand, bamboo floor has a super Insect-resistant function.

Divide according to colour, bamboo floor can be divided into two kinds

First it is natural color, chromatic aberration is smaller than woodiness floor board, have rich bamboo grain, and colour is symmetrical; Natural color can be divided into natural color and carbonized color, natural color with varnish treatment surface, using the most basic colors of bamboo, bright and bright; The carbonized color is gentle and elegant, which is actually made of bamboo after baking. The clear bamboo grain can still be seen in the dignified and calm.

The second is the artificial paint, paint can be mixed into a variety of colors, but the bamboo pattern is not too obvious; The surface treatment of bamboo material floor board USES varnish, varnish, inferior smooth paint and wear-resisting paint mostly.

Bamboo boards are not only used in home decoration, but also are especially practical in container houses. And of bamboo board environmental protection, mothproof wait for an advantage.

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