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Bamboo Plain Laminated Sheets/Flooring

Bamboo Plain Laminated Sheets/flooring made of whole bamboo splices, and chosen from original bamboo, only pick the highest grade original bamboo. With its low density and high strength.Can be widely used in the vehicle floor, housing box floor and wall board, outdoor floor, etc.

Bamboo Plain Laminated Sheets/Flooring

Bamboo Plain Laminated Sheets/Flooring Advantages

  1. The Bamboo Strip Floor is made of whole bamboo, which has lower expansion rate than wood and higher strength.
  2. Floor thickness can be made: 10-40mm;
  3. The maximum width of floor can be 1300mm (floor width of Japanese vehicles is 200-330mm);
  4. The length of floor can be made according to the length of your request, which can reduce the width of the bottom beam due to the stitching of the floor end, and also reduce the dead weight of the carriage;
  5. Floor surface can be covered with a variety of materials, such as anti-skid aluminum plate, plastic plate, and so on.

Bamboo Strip Floor Our product are certified by Authorities.