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Bamboo Cutlery & Plates for Sale Australia


Why Bamboo

Plastic Waste Pollution is threatening the environment, the ecosystem, and human health. Nowadays, many countries have been banning single-use plastics all over the world. Europe & Canada implement a plastic ban by 2021. South Australia has already kicked in Single-use plastic ban from March 2021.

Bamboo Cutlery & Plates in Australia from Boying Import & Export Pty Ltd is able to give a hand to provide Products made from 100% natural bamboo cutlery with no harmful chemicals. Our raw material is completely natural, without fertilizers or pesticides, biodegradable, organic and eco-friendly. 

We provide laser branding system option and small packaging option to suit your business needs. We also offer a FREE SAMPLE pack to collect.

Product Description for Cutlery & Plates

ISO,SGS ,FSC,BSCI Accredited

ItemMaterialDimensionSpecificationNumber & WeighMOQ
3.5″ Square PlateBamboo3.5 inch430*430*220 2,400/Carton 10.9kg/Carton 10,000 
5″ Square PlateBamboo5 inch575*575*220 1,600/Carton 25kg/Carton 10,000 
7″ Square PlateBamboo7 inch430*430*220 400/Carton 13.4kg/Carton 10,000 
9″ Square PlateBamboo9 inch530*530*220 400/Carton 20.9kg/Carton 10,000 
10″ Square PlateBamboo10 inch575*575*220 400/Carton 25.7kg/Carton 10,000 
7″ Round PlateBamboo7 inch430*430*220 400/Carton 10.9kg/Carton 10,000 
9″ Round PlateBamboo9 inch530*530*220 400/Carton 16.4kg/Carton 10,000 
11″ Round PlateBamboo11 inch630*630*220 400/Carton 25.5kg/Carton 10,000 
Knife (1st Gen)Bamboo170mm×20mm×2m m 460*250*365 (0.042cbm) 5,000/Carton 17.5kg/Carton 100,000 
Fork (1st Gen)Bamboo168mm×25mm×2m m 520*250*385 (0.05cbm) 5,000/Carton 18.5kg/Carton 100,000 
Spoon (1st Gen)Bamboo170mm×32mm×2m m 520*250*415 (0.053cbm) 5,000/Carton 20kg/Carton 100,000 
Knife (2nd Gen)Bamboo170mm×18.5mm×2. 05mm 440*250*330 (0.0363cbm) 5,000/Carton 17.5kg/Carton 100,000 
Fork (2nd Gen)Bamboo170mm×22.5mm×1. 5mm 450*250*385 (0.0433cbm) 5,000/Carton 14.8kg/Carton 100,000 
Spoon (2nd Gen)Bamboo170mm×32mm×1.5 mm 450*250*385 (0.0433cbm) 5,000/Carton 16.6kg/Carton 100,000 
Knife (3rd Gen)BambooASSEMBLY 172mm×20mm×4m m 440*250*330 (0.0363cbm) 5,000/Carton 20kg/Carton 100,000 
Fork (3rd Gen)BambooASSEMBLY 170mm×22.5mm×4 mm 450*250*385 (0.0433cbm) 5,000/Carton 18.5kg/Carton 100,000 
Spoon (3rd Gen)BambooASSEMBLY 170mm×32mm×4m m 450*250*385 (0.0433cbm) 5,000/Carton 20kg/Carton 100,000 

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