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Bamboo Flame-retardant and Sound-Proof Floor


It is made of all bamboo strips. The surface is coated with environmental friendly waterborne fire retardant coating. Soundproof material between core board: the base board is also selected from the original bamboo, using local high quality original bamboo, after twice carbonization, and then through hot combination and high frequency splicing, after the surface of environmental protection waterborne fireproofing coating and intermediate composite sound insulation materials, play a role in flame retardant, sound insolation, wear resistance, dirt resistance, waterproof.

At the same time, with its low density, it can be widely used in special requirements of the vehicle floor and a variety of needs flame retardant, sound insulation building materials.

Bamboo Strip Floor


Fireproof layer: adopt environmental protection waterborne fireproof coating

Sound insulation layer: military grade sound insulation material

Density: 0.73 g/cm3 or less

Specification: 2400*4000mm

Thickness: customized according to the vehicle’s own requirements (such as: strength requirements)

Moisture content of bamboo core board: ≤12%

Function: the surface is coated with flame retardant and varnish, the core board sandwich adds sound insulation material, from flame retardant, sound insulation, wear resistance, dirt resistance, waterproof.






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